What’s It Like to Work With Us?

We love what we do and have fun doing it. We like to pick up the shovel and work alongside you. We ask lots of questions. We never assume we have the right answer the first time. We’re experienced generalists who love to learn. We articulate difficult moments and issues in simple, helpful language.  We do all our work with your organization’s purpose as the pillar of every project so we can help propel you forward the right way, not simply our way. Unlike others, we don’t try to fit you to our system, we designed a system that lets our team adjust our approach to fit you.

We know that finding the right people to help your organization is a choice not made taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to begin to understand your needs, frame out the scope of your goals, and talk about budget and resources.


Bryan Horvath Headshot.jpg

Can fit a V8 into a shoebox.


Bryan Horvath

Co-Founder and Principal

Long-time Executive Director. Mechanical Engineer. Inventor. Semi-pro Cake Decorator. Management Consultant. Home-brewer. Songwriter. Rockstar. Possibility Engineer.

Bryan has advised executives both domestically and internationally. His background gives him a distinct perspective that helps organizations connect vision to strategy, and strategy to action. He specializes in distilling complex problems and systems into simple language that allows people to get work on the core mission. He directed an international arts organization, engineered Cadillacs for GM, launched an indie record label, and even licensed his own inventions. He and his wife, author L.A. Chandlar, live in New York City and manage to keep two rowdy boys on the straight and narrow.

Kevin Gosa Headshot.jpg

Gifted in both gab and garb.


Kevin Gosa

Co-founder and Principal

Saxophonist. Poet. Possibility Engineer. Writer. Coder. Jayhawk. Armchair Philosopher. Menswear Enthusiast. Cyclist. Part-time Know-It-All.

For 20 years, Kevin has played saxophone all over the world—from Texas to Thailand. Influenced by this and his Master’s of Music degree, he’s brought unique insight to strategic challenges at organizations for over 10 years. He has lectured at MIT and Baylor University, led international conferences, published poetry, written essays on post-modernism in Latin-American politics, co-hosted a technology and culture podcast, and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 90 seconds. He and his wife oversee the developing rowdiness of his two boys in Jersey City.

Our Team

Dunn Headshot.JPG

Battled a tiger & lived.


Charlie Dunn

Charlie Dunn has spent over a decade driving process-driven solutions in classrooms, professional learning communities, and non-profit boardrooms. His experience as an educator, school leader, and non-profit program director make him comfortable in a variety of complex situations. He excels at building engagement around the shared story and values of the group and empowering people to strategically focus on their mission. He has served as a board officer through strategic and transition planning initiatives, designed and implemented sailing instruction for at-risk teens, and was named New Jersey Charter School Association Teacher of the Year in 2012.


The pen is mighty.


Stephen N. Risdon, Ph.D


Dr. Stephen N. (Nate) Risdon is a post doctorate fellow with Race and Justice in Higher Education at Azusa Pacific University and serves as its managing director and a lead research associate. Nate helps organizations recognize the critical importance of understanding the intersections of race, ethnicity, and gender, in relationship to an organization's history and current culture, and how each will have significant impact on the organization's mission and effectiveness. Nate has presented at numerous national conferences including ASHE, SXSW, Race & Pedagogy, and the CCCU diversity conference. He has worked in the public and private sectors of education for over 15 years. His background in the creative arts helps him provide organizations with creative solutions based on sound information.