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Today’s environment for organizations is dynamic, fluid, complex and uncertain. Gone is a “set it and forget it” approach to strategy.

Culture demands nonprofits function with greater agility and adaptability than ever before. 

Our approach isn’t a fixed method that we sort of tailor to you. All of our work is calibrated to your moment and your distinct needs. To your people and fiscal reality. To your potential future. We work with you to define the most functional and efficient strategic framework and pragmatic action plan possible.

We do more than simply offer a “strategic planning document” that outlines stuff you’re supposed to do in some theoretical, straight-line world. We work to give you a new and improved operational reality that helps you achieve the goals you’ve always had, adapt as you go, and enable you the thrive in a volatile world.


Envision Your Future

Make Key Decisions

Set Core Objectives

Create Plan Goals

Determine Essential Tasks

Their engagement with my nonprofit surpassed my expectations of success. I continue to refer to their work on a weekly basis.
— Tim, Board Member, TBC
The work you did was exactly what we needed to turn things around and get moving forward.
— Tony, enCourage Kids Foundation
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enCourage Kids was in a very unique moment when they reached out to us to help them develop a 3-year strategic plan.

Having recently ended a local chapter relationship with a larger organization, they had a multitude of options open to them and questions that needed answering.

Our involvement enabled them to work through a process that helped them:

  • Make key decisions about their long-term identity

  • Define the ideal reach and scope of their work

  • Develop a sustainable operational picture of the future

  • Align their teams and board to the new vision

  • Commit to a multi-year action plan to get the work done

  • Identify people needs and opportunities to help drive change

  • Develop a funding strategy to help stabilize their future