Helping nonprofits break through barriers and better fulfill their missions to improve our world.






This program sets strategic direction, brings clarity to your model and moment, and develops an actionable growth plan.

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A flourishing board ignites an organization’s potential. To get the most OUT of a board, you have to invest IN it.

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Where are you going, how will you get there, and what has to happen for your future to become your reality?

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Capacity is not expansion. Capacity is scalability. Our work helps at key moments through strategic capacity-adding efforts.

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SPARK PROGRAM: Accelerator

“I'm going to be very sad when our sessions end. I have learned so much and it has been fantastic to have the support and guidance and direction.”

Theresa / Executive Director, BPCC





Ask yourself: Am I satisfied with how things are working today? If we just keep going and work harder, will we get to where we want to be? Are my challenges getting any easier to untangle?


Capacity Project: Fundraising Strategy

“I love working with you guys. I can’t imagine how I would have gotten this done without you.”

— Dina / CEO, Healthy Humor



Our Work Is All About You

We do all our work with your organization’s purpose as the pillar of every project so we can help propel you forward the right way, not simply our way.

Unlike others, we don’t try to fit you to our system, we designed a system that lets our team adjust our approach to fit you.


Mission First - It’s all about the mission. We do all our work with an organization’s mission as the centering force so we can help propel them forward the right way not simply our way.

Ask and Listen - We are learners. It’s the first way we think about the world. And it’s the first thing we do in every project. Good questions yield faster breakthrough.

Transparency - We couldn’t help anyone if we weren’t willing to tell them the truth and nothing but truth.

Flexibility - With the pace of change all around us, it’s essential to be agile and flexible as inevitable shifts happen. So we never take a rigid approach to our work.

Fun - We genuinely love helping. We started this organization because it’s fun to do great work for great organizations.

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“For the first time in my more than 10 years on the board, I really, fully understand what we are all about as a foundation.”



About Us

We are a nonprofit consultancy with proven skills, valuable perspective, and decades of experience.

We have a combined 40+ years of experience with nonprofits, and our team has spent time working in every position at a nonprofit from volunteer to Executive Director.

We work as a team and we pick up a shovel to work alongside you. We ask lots of questions. And, we never assume we have the right answer the first time.

Most importantly, we love what we do and have fun doing it.



Clients Served

From 800-year-old education institutions to startups and everything in between, we enjoy working with all kinds of nonprofits.



Years Serving NOnprofits

After decades working with and within nonprofits, we founded this company to use our collective skills to help more of them.



Thousand Hours Spent with Clients

We’ve met face-to-face with our clients since day 1 because there’s no substitute for the insight that comes from interaction.

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