After decades of work within nonprofits, holding every position from executive assistant to executive director, Nonprofit Velocity founders Bryan and Kevin spent six years developing the programs and services that have helped scores of organizations achieve breakthrough and accelerate their ability to change our world.

We believe all breakthrough is about transformation, about becoming. An idea becoming a mission. A startup becoming a thriving organization. A future vision becoming a workable strategy. An organization in turnaround becoming reinvigorated and renewed.

Breakthrough always begins with clarity and alignment. Being truly clear and aligned on your core identity reshapes your organizational framework, unlocks new capacity, and unleashes your potential.


Nonprofits help the world move from what is - to what ought to be.

You have been vital to the season we are in. You met us right where we were at and helped us see the next steps to take. We’ve worked with consultants before and you were by far the most understanding and helpful in all areas of development. We’re very thankful to have worked with you.
— Drew, Director of Operations, DreamCenter NYC


We believe that thriving nonprofits are catalysts for transforming our world and making it a better place.


We’re fully devoted to helping nonprofits break through barriers that obstruct them from fulfilling their missions and improving our world.


We do all our work with your organization’s purpose as the pillar of every project so we can help propel you forward the right way, not simply our way. We work alongside our client partners. We dig in. We own your mission and vision with you. We love to pick up a shovel and get work done.

Unlike others, we don’t try to fit you to our system, we designed a system that lets our team adjust our approach to fit you. It’s never about what we want to sell you, it’s about finding the right tool to help your nonprofit turn the corner towards being an ever-improving organization that can weather the dynamic and ever-changing world in which you pursue your vision.


Mission First - It’s all about the mission. We do all our work with an organization’s mission as the centering force so we can help propel them forward the right way not simply our way.

Ask and Listen - We are learners. It’s the first way we think about the world. And it’s the first thing we do in every project. Good questions yield faster breakthrough.

Transparency - We couldn’t help anyone if we weren’t willing to tell them the truth and nothing but truth.

Flexibility - With the pace of change all around us, it’s essential to be agile and flexible as inevitable shifts happen. So we never take a rigid approach to our work.

Fun - We genuinely love helping. We started this organization because it’s fun to do great work for great organizations.