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More demands than ever are being placed on nonprofit boards, yet at the same time, statistics show board performance is slipping and the nearly half of boards are unengaged.

Board IGNITE is a catalyst—a program that drives deeper engagement, increases commitment, and brings clarity that unleashes your board’s potential.

Through Board Ignite we equip your board for increased fundraising, passionate advocacy, active networking, and helpful oversight. 

We customize the design and delivery of our training, coaching, and facilitation elements to work within your board’s regular calendar.

To get the most OUT your board, you have to invest IN it.

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Imagine Your Board…


For the first time in my more than 10 years on the board, I really, fully understand what we are all about as a foundation.
— Tony, Board Member, enCourage Kids Foundation
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We helped the enCourage Kids Foundation board through facilitated board retreats and a board policy and governance improvement process. We worked with the board to help deepen its understanding of the organization’s mission and future vision. We helped effectively steward a crucial board chair transition. Working alongside the new chair and the CEO, we refocused the board’s effort from just filling tables at the annual gala and raising funds to being an active group, governing the affairs of the charity, and supporting the CEO.